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When Love Comes Knocking

February 8, 2022

When love finds you, are you willing to take the good with the bad? This book takes you on a journey of complicated situations of love that requires you to put forth a lot of patience and understanding. You will have to decide if the issues will keep you together or break you apart. The choices that you make in love will lead you to the matters of your heart. Everybody's story may have a few bad chapters, but your decision will help you to know if the relationship is worth the battle. Enjoy the ride and be ready for when love comes knocking.


Story of Author LaWanda Lewis Burrell

Writing has never been optional for Author LaWanda Lewis Burrell. Like eating and breathing, it’s something integral to her existence. Growing up she was often told that she was a great storyteller with a broad imagination.

LaWanda was inspired to write her book after accepting a position as a HR Director, but later noticed it was a toxic work environment. She got the courage to speak up for the unethical behaviors, but was later harassed and terminated.

After praying in the closet, LaWanda reached for a box on the top shelf and out fell a journal that she had written 5 years prior. She immediately started to type her first draft of her book. God blessed her with a book contract after she forgave the ones that mistreated her.

LaWanda's pain turned into her passion and God revealed her purpose.


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Press Release

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The Adventures of Captain Midnight (Children's Book)

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SUSU Entertainment LLC

A multicultural chapter book with colorful illustrations about a worldwide superhero named Captain Midnight who loves to save children from their fears. Captain Midnight, who is often approached by the evil villain Galatroid, will zap your fears away and give you the superpowers to be able to succeed and never give up.

A Dream Fulfilled! Author, Writer LaWanda Burrell Shares Her Vision To Starting Her Journey as an Author


Pretty Women Hustle Magazine

Author LaWanda Burrell's shares a powerful, uplifting message of her heart to hustle with That Riverz Gurl of Pretty Women Hustle Magazine.

Up Close and Personal with Author LaWanda Lewis Burrell

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Voyage Houston's Magazine

Check out LaWanda Lewis Burrell's featured story as she shares her growth into becoming one of Houston's inspiring authors.

1-On-1 With Author LaWanda Lewis Burrell


Versafi Magazine Online

First-Time Inspiring Author and Entrepreneur LaWanda Lewis Burrell Talks About The Power of Faith, Forgiveness & Love In Her New Book “Stand Up, Speak Up, Because Your Time’s Up”

LaWanda Lewis Burrell’s newly released “Stand Up, Speak Up, Because Your Time’s Up”


Christian Faith Publishing

“Stand Up, Speak Up, Because Your Time’s Up: Restoring Hope in the Time of Adversity” from Christian Faith Publishing author LaWanda Lewis Burrell is an awe-inspiring account of the author as she unravels her life story filled with challenges and struggles that shaped her to become the faithful believer that she is today.

The African American Library - Gregory Friends Board Member


The African American Library - Gregory Friends

The AAGLF presents newly joined board member, LaWanda Burrell